Centre Of Excellence

Cognub helps dozens of global companies with their enterprise performance management, with a reputation for rigor in data collection, analytics and providing strategic insights. As the consumers and businesses demand more intelligence beyond the legacy applications, Cognub is now offering our cognitive insights as a service platform which leverages a category of technologies that uses natural language processing and machine learning to enable people and machines to extend and magnify human expertise and cognition.

With these new capabilities Cognub enable people and organizations to accomplish things they couldn’t before; predicting the consequences of actions and provide evidence based decisions. With intensive experience delivering managed services and cloud based solutions, we pride ourselves for being a cognitive decision science company transforming the verticals like Real Estate, Healthcare, Financial Services.

Our team of statisticians, software engineers and AI experts has put together a scalable platform on the cloud which enables the user to pick and chose the strategic insights that they deem fit for their business. We also have several pricing models that will accommodate the scale and economy for every customer.