Pharmaceutical Sector requires a significant solution to manage their continuous operational competence, drug discovery, and drug development to achieve better patient outcomes. Cognitive computing can make a transformative advancement to this value-driven industry with a more integrated approach. Cognitive computing has its potential to transform the life sciences industry in an enormous way. With the power to unleash a new era of innovation and growth, cognitive systems can accelerate scientific discoveries, transform clinical trials, and develop execution and engagement for better care management. Cognitive computing emphasize on real-time and highly scalable predictive models for life science industry. The benefits of machine learning in the pharmaceutical sector are potentially significant, from day-to-day operational efficiencies to significant improvements in human health and welfare arising from improving drug discovery or personalizing medicine.


Cognub’s latest Clinical Trials offering, “Patient Recruitment” is a powerful cognitive based solution to accelerate the identification of right patients, recruitment process and engagement of qualified patients. We deploy predictive algorithms, machine learning and pattern analysis on patient data to create meaningful insights, assess risks and forecast success factors and probabilities of failure.

Clinical Research and Life Sciences Cognitive Computing


Clinical Research and Life Sciences


Cognub uses its NLP-based components to mine text and extract relevant data from past reports, both structured and unstructured. We recommend predictive analytics methods using pattern matching, machine learning, statistical modeling, clustering algorithms etc to predict outcomes of different risk categories.

Clinical Research and Life Sciences