Healthcare Industry is turning out to be more consumer-driven. With the growing availability of health data, the providers are looking for better ways to understand their consumers and target them with precise offerings. Cognub is developing machine learning models that integrate the continuously flowing clinical data from various data sources. The clinical data is continuously curated using machine learning techniques which in turn result in more accurate decision making especially in the areas of healthcare models, risk identifications, clinical operations, etc.

Population Health Management

Cognub develops data-driven population health management initiatives by enabling better population risk assessment, care gaps identification, and patient intervention models.

Healthcare and Machine Learning

Patient Engagement Models

Healthcare and Machine Learning

Cognitive operational support

Cognitive Computing Healthcare and Machine Learning


IndHaler is a health platform that provides trusted care and wellness advice using the Vedanga wisdom of Ayurveda along with good food habits buried in ancient books, seasoned minds and social media. It continuously curates and learns condition and care models for chronic diseases and wellness.indHaler applies patient context to understand, reason and infercondition and care with supporting evidence. The platform is powered by Cognub Insights as a Service offered through indHaler.Consumers and Care providers experience indHaler using iEngage, an immersive conversational and visual interaction App on your mobile device. One on one and One to many conversations are possible between the Consumer/Provider and indHaler. They use indHaler to get guidance on diagnosis, care plan and healthy diet plan at no cost. Expert consult from Ayurveda doctors are available for a fee.indHaler makes use of Cognitive Computing based NLP and Deep Learning algorithms to interact and learn, understand reasons and use Ayurvedic expertise to improve its efficacy while driving better clinical outcomes globally.