An emerging real estate developer platform, built on industry open standards data standards, is powered by our real-time insights. These insights, delivered through RESTful APIs and visual dashboards, include the propensity to buy/sell, next best action, price trends and smart recommendations for real-time decision making. End customers include agents, brokerages, appraisers, lenders, investors, sellers, and buyers.


It is a secure plain text, image and video based communication platform, for managing corporate communication system, that enables dynamic role creation, rule engines that govern communication protocols and offers a powerful NLP Engine which converts unstructured chat to actionable information.


GoProjects is the mobile app developed across various platforms and devices which help a customer to search different types of projects across industries in 18 Middle East & North African countries. It provides detailed project listings and latest information about new and existing projects. It takes your project search experience to mobile where you can search and track projects on the go.


IndHaler is a health platform that provides trusted care and wellness advice using the Vedanga wisdom of Ayurveda along with good food habits buried in ancient books, seasoned minds and social media. It continuously curates and learns condition and care models for chronic diseases and wellness. indHaler applies patient context to understand, reason and infer condition and care with supporting evidence. The platform is powered by Cognub Insights as a Service and IBM Watson and offered through indHaler, a portfolio company of Incuba-tion Incubator Inc.

Pop Care

A machine learning model that is designed to learn the pattern between disease and symptoms occurrence. The model learns the pattern based on the available medical data, analyzes the results and predicts the probable diseases, the individuals are most likely to get in near future with a confidence score for each disease. Further, the application also connects to Medical Data, keeps constant track of new data and analyzes it continuously on a real-time basis. The healthcare providers are able to make quick decisions in targeting those individuals and align care plan, thereby reducing the healthcare cost tremendously.


Drona is a new generation continuous learning platform that provides students with a personalized tutoring experience with optimized learning paths. It con-tinuously curates and learns topics as and when they appear in a paper or digi-tal form. Drona applies student context to understand and infer the most suit-able tutoring methods with proper evidence. The platform is powered by Cognub Insights as a Service and IBM Watson and offered through Drona, a portfolio company of Incubation Incubator Inc.

Patient Recruitment

It is a powerful cognitive based solution to accelerate the identification of right patients, recruitment process and engagement of qualified patients. We deploy predictive algorithms, machine learning and pattern analysis on patient data to create meaningful insights, assess risks and forecast success factors and probabilities of failure.


Visitor management system is a fully automated online visitor management system which will help the chief minister’s office to review, approve/reject and track all details of the visitors who intend to meet the CM. This system will also allow the office to manage the schedule of the Chief Minister through a mobile application. The data thus collected will be later used to generate analytics that will help the office to efficiently manage the resources.

Lung Microbiome Researcher Workbench

The proposed analytics workbench will enable the researcher to perform statistical analysis and visualization of the curated data sample along with a cognitive self-learning layer that will improve the accuracy of noise detection in the long term.